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Hansi Lebrecht
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Hansi Lebrecht this is just GREAT stuff - no idea why Brett's music is not more known and played ... i like it

... and the story about the curlews reminded me at my own childhood when "things" like this were much more touching and could make deep imprints into the memory of a little boy ...
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Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor, desolate shore points, looming gulls. I really wanted a hypnotic odd groove on this to carry the changes. Paul came up with a twisted pattern that is sublime and perfect. I played some bowed guitar on this that reminds me of wind churning the sea. Color: grey


Isolated In Acadia
Spent lifetimes slip into the crossing sea away from you and me
Swollen gulls marking our descent, resign, regret
The sea birds diving, diving, dividing

Now it's red blossom fingernail trails
Tearing apart to forget on old photograph corners
Well, I can't see you in the holes in my picture book
I knew you were gone before you left
I knew you were gone

I never heard the words that you had said
Oh my hopeless guessing
I never knew that you had felt that way
In all this weeping
I feel my heart go
I feel my heart go down
So down

I had hoped for the best
As you lay bored un-intense thinking of someone
Someone not me
In the harbor room I hear the strangeness
Like spiders in gears
Or ghostly outer limit static

Sullen drives long as the longest stare
The weight in the air
You thought I didn’t care
Well I did

An ocean of endings and polite pretendings
Time was a waste
Wasted, erased, wasted

We’ve lost our shine and so much time
Love where have you gone?



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