All This Time We're Given

from by Echolyn



All This Time We’re Given

Fought in wars, driven dynamite
Had a rough time with the pain last night
My mind is a sun setting sun
Cruel memory don’t let me down
What’s it like outside?

Everything I own is on my back
All I have is in a line on the sill
In a line all the time
I don’t know if I know
I know I don’t remember

Orange southern church
Yellow is the lamb in orbit ‘round my head
Time battle time, cruel gravity don’t let me fall
What’s it like outside?

What am I supposed to do?
Lost in chemicals
Never thought I’d see this day
Now what’s to become of me?

I know this face these hands this brow these lips
They used to kiss
I really can’t decide if they’re mine
Please remind me

I speak in trails my history fails
And all I ever was is gone
Please remind me


All this time we’re given
With nothing left to show
All this space to live in
With nowhere else to go

No one wants to see me
There’s nothing left to go home to
Nothing at all to keep me
And they say the end is beautiful
How did my life come to this?

Thought the end would never find me
So hold my hand as I slip away
If the end of pain is pain
Then we should all go quietly
How did my life come to this?

What am I supposed to do?
Lost in chemicals
Never thought I’d see this day
Now what’s to come of me?
And my life?


I’ve got nowhere to go

Although we’re given
Back to the oak and vein
The light we lived in
Will shine on us again
Won’t you shine on us again
Shine on us
Shine on us
Won’t you shine on us again?


from I Heard You Listening - Full Res 24 bit 96 kHz, released July 31, 2015
Lyrics – Ray
Music - echolyn

Brett – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Chris – piano, hammond organ, synths, rhodes, backing vocals
Paul – drums and percussion, spooky breathing
Ray – lead and backing vocals
Tom – bass and backing vocals



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