Carried Home

Her eyes are full of storm
It’s a constant distraction she’s working on
She’s a flower in need of rain
Shame though the water will choke her
She’s a flower of rain, that’s all

His eyes are wide in fear
His room’s alive with angels that wrestle with what brought him here
He’s a river with nowhere to flow alone
Soon the current will take him

Soon the water will rise
And soon it carries them home

Always circles around itself
Blooming, returning, to itself
Back and forth it never ends
When anything is everything again
We’re carried home
We’re carried to the sea
We’re carried home

Do I need a reason to crash into the sea
Do I really need to let the tide carry me into the sun
Down into space is a beautiful dream
Weightless set apart drifting past gravity
And the soon the water will rise
We’re carried home
And soon it carries them home


We’re carried to the sea
We’re carried home in stormy eyes with strangers at our sides by the tide


from I Heard You Listening - Full Res 24 bit 96 kHz, released July 31, 2015
Lyrics – Ray, with help from Brett
Music - echolyn

Brett – electric guitars, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Chris – piano, hammond organ, wurly, synths
Jacque Varsalona – backing vocals
Paul – drums and percussion
Ray – lead and backing vocals
Tom – bass and backing vocals



all rights reserved