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The title was given to me. The lyrics were inspired from that and a book I was reading at the time. This was the last song written for the album (the summer of 2008). As was the case with most of the songs, I would lay down a scratch of me playing guitar/piano and mumbling words then have Paul come in and put some drums down. I never let him do more than two takes because I wanted to keep it spontaneous and instinctual. From that energy, the songs were built. This song is hope represented by light and the horizon. Color: orange


We say goodbye to that electric charge
Your smile catches your mouth off guard
Say goodbye to that great divide
Where we lived but didn’t survive
Our history fails
All history falls

Through it all I see your windows of light
Bursting through the shadows
Golden in this night
In every moment is a journey and a story to find

We are the music resonating in this now
And what’s before or after doesn’t matter
We lift off this burden and let go of the ties that bind

Hey horizon so close we share
Make our heavy longing lighter than air
As we reach for this random display
We are golden lit by this day
Our shadows are dimmed and we shine

In the places we were and had been
There’s a steady blur that clouds the now
I don’t want to spend my time
Thinking about what is gone and to come

I am now



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