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The title comes from a story by Fred Bodsworth that was made into an "ABC After school Special", aired in 1972. Watching that with my mom and brother is on the fringe of my memory. All I can recall are tears, sorrow and my dad coming home to find us all in that state. The sadness we felt that day watching the scene where one of the last two curlews is shot has stayed with me and somehow exemplifies this collection of songs. This particular one was written in a trance, stream of consciousness outpouring. I remember staring at a candle on a table in front of me while I droned on variations of an E chord. The words and melody fell out as a stream. Color: Black


We are elaborations of carbon
Changing moons, honey in the lion
We are blessed with empty providence
Monkey house fear, caged and curious

I was hoping that'd you'd know better
I never thought and that was my fault
Now we know that nothing lasts forever
and when you think you know you really don't

I think of you now we are far
When we were close i couldn't speak a word out loud
I was lame to move my mouth



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