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Crows Fly By (CD quality 44​​​.​​​1kHz​​​/​​​16 bit)

by Echolyn



Crows Fly By
Lyrics: Brett, with some by Ray and help from Tom

There was a girl who looked for signs
In everything she found design
All before her eyes – wrecked in meaning

Beyond the window in the sky
The sun and crows are flying by
Out every window lay a million urges

She reads the signs then makes her calls
Sometimes she moves sometimes she stalls
Her life is woven in meaning

Hey, Oh turn ‘round and see them
Turn ‘round and be them
Hey, don’t trust an open hand
Words are just as bad
Don’t trust time when crows fly

She overlaps she overbears
Her pointing fingers pull her hair
Outside she is disconnected

In the grass there’s razor blades
And there’s sickness in her shade
It’s hanging from her limbs and always blazing

Hey turn around and see them
Turn around and be them
All before her eyes, all before her eyes

Eyes see inside my head
My heart is fiction barely fed
I release the sound, I release the sound

I worked with a guy who wanted to record a “hit song.” It’s funny that even after all these years of making music I still don’t know what that means. Anyway, he was one of those high maintenance clients that never seem to be done – calling me at all hours of the day and night, turning things up 0.5 dB then a day later turning them down 4dB. He’d call me before a session and say he was not coming in because he saw crows flying by his house, or a had to stop at a train crossing, or saw seagulls in a parking lot – Crazy stuff. When he did come in, he’d instruct me on the meanings of these occurrences or pontificate how much he and “God” spoke about his “hit song.” He knew he was going to make it big because God had told him to go out and buy some cowboy boots and a hat to match (for his imagined upcoming radio interviews across the country). After about 2 months of working on one song (for what must have been 15 sessions) I had had enough. I told him I thought he should go elsewhere. There’s a point where you feel like you’re only doing it for the money… and I had crossed that line. He never came back, despite another 2 weeks of him calling me, half of which I ignored. On his last phone call he left a message saying how much he enjoyed working with me, BUT if he didn’t hear back, it was a sign from God for him to move on and I could do nothing to change that almighty decision.

Guys like this inspire me to learn more about behavior, it’s one of the reasons I got my Behavioral Science degree. I had to bite my tongue so many times during the above sessions and countless phone calls. I just kept nodding my head and trying not to roll my eyes in judgment. I didn’t want to trigger some sort of devil inside him or force him to evaluate the very foundation of superstition he has built his whole life on. What I got out of those sessions was this song. I changed the character to a girl/woman so I could distance myself from the “actual” character a little bit. I tried to inject the almost agoraphobic nature of my client into the main character. She is always analyzing and interpreting occurrences. It paralyzes and wrecks her with the weight of “meanings.”

Lastly, I wanted to mention the second half of the song is a representation of this un-filtered (almost autistic) inundation of sensations and their interpretations by our character. The entire end of the song is improvised musically and vocally and done in single “takes”, with each part building upon the confluence of sensations and meanings the character is interpreting.

We’ve had the music finished for this song for a while. Brett had an idea for the lyrics. We “worked” on it several times but never committed to any of the angles. A couple of weeks ago Brett, Tom and I got together to finally put to this baby to bed. In a nutshell think agoraphobic, superstition and insecurity.


released May 27, 2013
Song by – echolyn
Recorded and mixed by Brett William Kull
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Avatar Studios New York, NY.

Brett Kull – Electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, lead and backing vocals
Ray Weston – Lead and backing vocal
Christopher Buzby – Piano, Hammond organ, wurly, synth, and backing vocals
Tom Hyatt – Bass and backing vocals
Paul Ramsey – Drums

Written and Recorded at Chateau Fornance and Catapult Sound between March 2011 and May 2013. Piano and organ recorded at Abington Friends School May 2011. Mixed at Catapult Sound May 2013.

Art Layout – Jacque Varsalona


all rights reserved



Echolyn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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